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Angel V is a botanical beverage with Peach & Lemon juice formulated in Korea.


 It contains EstroG-100® which is a powerful combination of three herbal botanical root extracts proven to relieve the toughest symptoms of menopause.

 Enhanced with Vitamin D3 (1000 IU), it is clinically proven to:

  1.  Improve skin wrinkles, skin moisture & whitening
  2.  Reduce female sexual dysfunction
  3.  Improves bone mineral density
  4.  Improves sleep disorders, depression, fatigue and osteoarthritis
  5.  Reduce vaginal dryness Angel V is suitable for those suffering from:
  6.  Irregular periods
  7.  Hot flash
  8.  Night sweats
  9.  Mood changes
  10.  Weight gain
  11.  Chills
  12.  Sleep disorders
  13.  Vaginal dryness & loss of breast fullness
  14.  Thinning hair & dry skin 


Benefits of Vitamin D3:

  1.  Supports Healthy Bones
  2.  Supports Immune System
  3.  Improves Brain Function
  4.  Supports a Healthy Nervous System
  5.  Reduces the Risk of the Flu
  6.  Regulates Insulin Levels
  7.  Supports Lung Function


Angel-V Botanical Beverage With EstroG-100 Vitamin D3, 58% OFF

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