High Dose Vitamin C Treatment

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PASCORBIN Ascorbic Acid is the only high-dose vitamin C infusion approved in Germany and many other European countries.

It is a treatment of clinical vitamin C deficiency conditions that cannot be remedied through nutrition or substituted orally


Making Vitamin C Available Quicker

In case of a vitamin C deficiency that cannot be remedied through nutrition, this treatment is the optimal way to counter the deficiency. Vitamin C is absorbed in the small intestine through special transport molecules and channeled into the blood. The number of these transporters is limited, however, which is why only part of the vitamin C quantity reaches the blood. Through our High Dose Vitamin C Treatment , much more vitamin C is absorbed by our body. Such high levels in the blood cannot be achieved through nutrition and tablets.


Overview of the advantages of our High Dose Vitamin C Treatment:

  • Gets directly into the bloodstream and supplies you immediately with vitamin C
  • Significantly quicker availability therefore than with tablets
  • Free from lactose, gluten and sugar

A strong Vitamin C deficiency can occur due to:

  • Acute and chronic infections
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases e.g. arthritis
  • Absorption disorders in the intestines
  • After operations


Vitamin of life – 3 facts about vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is water-soluble and can therefore not be stored.
  • Most animals can produce large quantities of vitamin C themselves through the metabolism.
  • Human beings have lost this ability over the course of evolution.

As the body cannot produce vitamin C endogenously it must be supplied from the outside.

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