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Why gouri | GOURI

GOURI is a groundbreaking antiaging solution for the entire face, featuring the world’s only solubilized, biodegradable, and biocompatible PCL injectable. It is not a filler with a localized impact or a temporary skin booster.

It spreads evenly throughout the entire face and promotes natural skin collagen synthesis, which helps your skin age more gracefully.

GOURI is injected at a few points and is gently massaged so that the PCL distributes itself into the tissue after injection. It changes into 3D Matrix and stimulates fibroblasts. This fills the wrinkles and builds the volume in a soft and natural manner throughout the face. Alongside acting as an anti-aging face filler, its dual action makes the entire face appear firmer and younger for a longer duration, ultimately delaying the aging of the skin.


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• Lifting and tightening of the skin.
• Stimulates the body’s collagen synthesis in the cells, leading to a lasting and natural  rejuvenation of the face.
• Has an anti-aging effect on the skin.
• Delays the skin’s aging process.

GOURI can be used on the forehead, nose area, cheeks, mouth area, and eye area. It can be used to address specific issues like crow’s feet, marionette wrinkles, nasolabial folds, wrinkles, general facial contour, and sagging tissue.



What are the primary advantages of GOURI?

GOURI is the first injectable liquid PCL (polycaprolactone). GOURI revitalizes our skin by stimulating collagenesis throughout the face. GOURI, which spreads organically across the entire face, stimulates collagen synthesis, which has diminished due to skin aging.

How long does it take to see initial results following the application?

The patient’s condition determines it. After injection, neocollagenesis takes time to occur. Typically, the first visual benefits are visible after 1-2 weeks.

How long is GOURI active?

It is subjective. PCL is a substance with a high molecular weight. PCL is typically destroyed in the body over 6-12 months.

What distinguishes GOURI from other high-polymer products?

It is opposed to other high-polymer products. Currently, available goods are not completely liquid. They are created by combining powdered high-polymer materials (PCL and PLLA) with saline or CMC gel. As a result, they cannot spread over the face and pose a significant danger of problems. They affect just the portion that is confined. Additionally, there is a risk of hypercorrection when an excessive amount of material is injected. GOURI, the world’s first liquid PCL injectable, spreads evenly across the entire face.


Gouri Liquid PCL Collagen Biostimulator

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How is GOURI composed?

Clinical data on 21% of PCL / just PCL. DEXLEVO has completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials involving over 200 participants.

Which protocol is recommended?

We propose three sessions separated by four weeks. Following the third session, additional 1 or 2 treatments with a 3-6 month interval might be used to maintain the collagen rate.

Is it possible to dissolve GOURI after the injection?

PCL is not soluble post-injection. GOURI does not provide immediate cosmetic alterations. That is, there is no need to dissolve it.

Can I use GOURI with other Botox, HA fillers, or PRP?

We recommend a one-month delay between other treatments. Compatibility with different products is one of GOURI’s strong points. You can combine non-crosslinked skin boosters and Botox. However, do not combine GOURI with any other product. We advocate a one-month delay between treatments with HA fillers and other cross-linked materials.

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